:: lectures by visiting speakers and professors ::

CYNTHEA BOGEL <see all posts>
♦ July 6, 2012
:: professor of Japanese visual culture and thought, Kyushu University

“New Roads to Nirvana: Visual Buddhism, Modern Eyes”

JAN WALLS <see all posts>
♦ February 2, 2012
:: professor emeritus, Simon Fraser University

“Corporate Craving and Buddhist Compassion: Is  there a Middle Ground for Buddhism in Business?”

SIMON WICKHAM-SMITH <see all posts>
♦ January 26, 2012
:: PhD candidate, University of Washington, Seattle

“Spiritual Ecology in Contemporary Mongolian Literature”

EUGENE WANG <see all posts>
♦ November 30, 2011
:: Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Asian Art, Harvard University

“What to See in a Buddhist Cave?”

PAUL FLEISCHMAN <see all posts>
♦ September 29, 2011
:: Vipassana Teacher responsible for outreach in Western North America

“Vipassana Meditation: a Practice and a Path”

THICH NAHT HAHN <see all posts>
♦ August 29, 2011
:: Zen Master, the Unified Buddhist Church and Plum Village Sangha

“Open Mind, Open Heart: Touching the Wonders of Now”

DONALD STADTNER <see all posts>
♦ May 29, 2011
:: professor of Art History, University of Texas, Austin

“Sacred Sites of Burma”

SIN YIN KIT<see all posts>
♦ March 18, 2011
:: Head nun, Po Lam Buddhist Association, Chilliwack

“Dhamma in Prison: The True Transformation?”

TIM WARD <see all posts>
♦ February 8, 2011
:: author of What the Buddha Never Taught

“A ‘Behind the Robes’ Account of Life in a Thai Monastery”

RAPHAEL LIOGIER <see all posts>
♦ October 16, 2010
:: director, the Observatoire du religieux (Religious Observatory) and the MA for Religion and Society, University of Aix-Marseille (France)

“Buddhism and the Hypothesis on Individuo-globalism”

CHARLES PREBISH <see all posts>
♦ October 15, 2010
:: professor of Religious Studies, Utah State University

“The Swans Came to Canada Too: Looking Backward and Looking Forward”

MARK UNNO <see all posts>
♦ September 23, 2010
:: assistant professor of East Asian Religions, University of Oregon

“Shin Buddhism in Interreligious Dialogue: a World of Teaching and Learning”

PHAKCHOK RINPOCHE <see all posts>
♦ September 18, 2010
:: Supreme Head of the Taklung Kagyu lineage and Head of Riwocher Monastery, Tibet

“Compassion in Action: Integrating Buddhism and Social Development”

MICHAEL ZIMMERMANN <see all posts>
♦ April 26 and 27, 2010
:: professor of Indian Buddhism, University of Hamburg

“Is Violence Avoidable? On War and Peace in Indian Buddhism”
“Engaged Buddhism: Social Entanglement with Spiritual Gain?”

SOGYAL RINPOCHE <see all posts>
♦ December 15 and 16, 2009
:: author of The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

“Finding Peace and Stability in a Troubled World”
“The Heart Essence of Tibetan Buddhism”

THANISSARO BHIKKHU <see all posts>
♦ September 15, 2009
:: author, teacher, and monk of the Thai Forest Tradition

“The Buddha’s Questions”

JEFFREY HOPKINS <see all posts>
♦ April 20 and 21, 2009
:: world-renowned writer, translator, scholar of Tibetan Buddhism

“Gender, Sexuality and Tibetan Buddhism: How Sex Is Used in the Spiritual Path”
“The Dalai Lama’s Blending of “Classical” Tibetan Buddhism with Contemporary Outlooks”

GUSTAAF HOUTMAN <see all posts>
♦ March 2009
:: scholar of Burmese Buddhism and editor of Anthropology Today, Royal Anthropological Institute in London

ROBERT THURMAN <see all posts>
♦ April 26 and 27, 2008
:: America’s leading expert on Tibetan Buddhism

“The Mañjuśrī Connection: Relations between Tibetan and Chinese Buddhisms”
“The Layman Vimalakīrti and the Basic Mahāyana Buddhist Path”
“Buddhism as a Civilization Matrix and the Current Global Crisis”

IAN HARRIS <see all posts>
♦ March 2008
:: scholar of Cambodia Buddhism, Professor of Buddhist Studies, University of Cumbria, Lancaster

GUANG XING <see all posts>
♦ May 31, 2007
:: Professor, Centre of Buddhist Studies, the University of Hong Kong

“The Relevance of Buddhism to Modern Society”

MATTHIEU RICARD <see all posts>
♦ March 8 to 10, 2007
:: Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Buddhist monk


REGINALD “REGGIE” RAY <see all posts>
♦ January 24, 2007
:: Professor, Naropa University

“Asian Buddhism and Western Converts: Conflicts, Assimilations, and Beyond”

VEN. DHAMMAJOTI <see all posts>

♦ March 15 and March 16, 2006
:: Professor, Centre of Buddhist Studies, The University of Hong Kong

“The Sarvāstivāda Theory of Simultaneous Causality”
“Two Buddhist Theories of Knowledge”

JING YIN <see all posts>
♦ September 28 and 29, 2005
:: Director, Centre of Buddhist Studies, The University of Hong Kong

“Is Mind a Reality?”
“The Art of Happiness: Buddhist Teachings in Daily Life”